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Peter Beardmore

"I have lost 80lbs since working with Josh and I am more than 2 times stronger than when I started my training in Sept 2014. Josh's personal training sessions are planned, clear, supportive, knowledgeable and he is enthusiastic and realistic. Thank you Josh for all that you have done for me, and I look forwards to reaching our next set of training goals. The two pictures show how I have changed over my time working with Josh."

Dave Smalley

"I started training at The Northwood Club with Eric 2 years ago when I was 69. Eric is very professional, knowledgeable, always on time and communicates well if our session time changes & accommodates me if I have a conflict. If I have questions regarding health or diet, he’ll also address my questions and concerns.

My time at the gym is very interesting and challenging. At the beginning of our session, he always checks to see how I’m feeling, during the workout he explains the exercises in detail or he’ll demonstrate them. He monitors me closely so that I am using the proper weights and equipment properly. He doesn’t push me beyond my limits but he does push me to my limits. Eric motivates me to come to the gym and I am very pleased with the results."

John Ciallella

"I started working with Julie in September 2015 and cannot believe the progress that I have made. Over the past several years I have worked out on my own and would frequently wind up injuring myself because I didn't know how to do the right exercises or use the equipment correctly. As a result, I was starting and stopping my fitness program over and over again.

I have arthritis and had hip replacement surgery several years ago and this has always limited my abilities to do many things. Since I started working with Julie I have improved my strength, my stamina and have worked to build the muscles I need to make my arthritis much more manageable. With the expert training and guidance that Julie has given me the quality of my life is so much better and I am stronger now than I was in my 30's."

Julia Teglas

"I have had very rewarding experience training with Eric for the past few months at NorthWood Club. At every session I feel motivated and determined to continue achieving goals. I thought were much further away from reach. Not only do I feel stronger, healthier and happier; I have also gained a great deal of knowledge on exercise. The gym can be a very intimidating place but I have grown to feel comfortable and confident there thanks to Eric's teachings. Thank you Eric for the stand up training I have received, I definitely feel I am on the path to a healthier future !"

Peggy Vomvolakis

"It is not like me to write something like this, but I felt compelled to share my experience with others, in hopes of dispelling the myth that Personal Fitness Trainers are for those wanting to look like chiseled Greek Gods/Goddesses, fit for a mussel mag shoot, and not the average house wife! My experience began when I recently walked into my closet feeling over weight and hated knowing that my wonderful wardrobe was wasting away, as yes! everything was fitting tight and constantly experiencing anxiety trying to find something to wear for work. This, like most other people, was the catalyst leading to my new membership at The Northwood Fitness Club. This time, as I had previously held a membership at a gym when I was a teen, I knew that even as determined as I was, I could not do this on my own. (I am naturally not a jock and would much prefer a shopping marathon through Holt Renfrew, any day of the week!) However, on my first visit with this membership I immediately felt comfortable, and was pleasantly surprised with this newly constructed friendly facility, which didn’t smell like a sweaty males looker room, or hard-core gym. This Club is clean, city sheik and full of positive energy!

Upon arriving, I suddenly asked myself, "Where and how do I start? How do I warm up and stretch without looking like a spazz? Do I even attempt to turn on the new electronic exercise equipment, or dare to try lifting those free weights?" Remember, I am woman, not a jock, and instinctively not supposed to know these things! (Skipped orientation, hate those things) Voila! a fit young lady dressed in black tights, with "Trainer” written on the back her jersey is standing by the front desk. Guess what? Here I am today, four months into my new shell, totally shaped by my instructors Julie and Luke, feeling stronger, looking leaner and more self-confident than I ever felt before!

I look forward to visiting the club 4-5 times per week, and have achieved all this without starving myself or curbing my wine consumption! (I hope my instructors don’t read this!) Just staying on coarse with a 50 minute scripted workout with one or two private sessions per week, to keep me focused and push me beyond my normal routine limits.

Today, I see newfound muscle tone and I have discovered strength, endurance and experience sleep like never before. Working with Julie and Luke, I have learned how to effectively workout, properly use fitness equipment, diversified my tailored training regimen and enjoy structured fitness class participation, all while avoiding injury and thoroughly enjoying the life style change! I can’t begin to tell you how working with a Personal Trainer will expedite the results you desire, even on a limited training budget. (Yes, much cheaper than re-investing on larger sizes at Holts!)

See you at the gym!"

Ron Emo

"In January of 2015, I joined a Gym, “The Northwood Club”. I had passed it a number of times and like other gyms I had observed from afar, I thought, that’s not for me, I walk, I bike, I ski, I play tennis, I don't need it. This despite being 77 years old, a pretty good beer gut and 210 lbs. For whatever reason, I went in and Jane & I joined. One of the best things I have ever done. It is now, 17 months later, my weight is 183, my waist has gone from 44 to 39.5, I am off BP meds, may well get off Diabetes pill and cholesterol. I feel pretty good, especially when someone I haven't seen in a while remarks on my trimmer being. My trainer is Eric Travis and I attribute most of my success to his encouragement ,training regime and our chats. The Club put 'My Fitness Pal' app on my phone and it has encouraged me to eat better. Another great thing: I still drink beer. Thank you"


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A camp for children with cancer Find out more - visit

Copyright The Northwood Club, All rights Reserved